Data Cleanup

Performing Data Cleanup in Your FamilySearch Tree

Not a Researcher? You Can Still Help! (Part 1 of 3) NOTE: This series focuses on the free website. It is intended for people that have family members that have done research and published the data in the FamilySearch family tree. 3 Easy Tasks for Beginning Family History Work In an earlier post I stated that

Iowa Farmhouse

Vintage Photos: Preserving Rural America

I stumbled across a real treasure this week: an archive of 25 million vintage aerial photos. “Where?” you ask? Their collection of vintage photos is primarily of farmhouses, small towns, and landmarks from rural America. With images from 41 different states you are likely to find something that has a family connection. The company

Elvis Presley Relation

Family Tree Fun: BYU Has 5 Apps That Use Your FamilySearch Data

The BYU Family History Technology Lab (FHTL) works with students to “research and develop novel and useful family history programs.” So far they have 5 different Family History apps published. They all utilize tree data, so if you have a login you can get going quickly. These apps make exploring your family tree fun! 5

Rio: City of Ethnic Diversity

Rio 2016: City of Ethnic Diversity

With the Summer Olympics in full swing now, I couldn’t help reflecting on the history of Rio de Janeiro. As I mentioned in my introductory post, I studied Latin American Studies. While I am far from an expert, I present here some interesting tidbits about Brazil. From the perspective of a family historian, Brazil is fun

Most common US Counties

Most Common County Names in the US

County government in the United States As most of us know, a county is a political and geographic subdivision of a state. As a result of the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, the specific rights and powers granted to counties is a matter of State control. In practice, this means that the responsibilities of county

Virtually Walk Where Your Ancestors Walked

(Virtually) Walk Where Your Ancestors Walked

My fourth great grandparents, Isaac Chilton and Ann Watkins, were from Wales and emigrated to the United States in 1860. Someday I hope to visit and walk the green landscape of Wales and learn about the rich cultural history of this land. In the meantime – thanks to Google Maps – I can take a

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Genealogy: Where Do I Start?

“I am new to genealogy. Where should I start?” This is a tricky question. I believe strongly that there is not any particular way that you should start. This is, in part, because genealogy is many things to many people. In fact, this question usually reminds me of the old tale of the blind men

1864 County Boundaries Map of Texas

5 Great Sites for County Boundaries

Pretty early on in my research I learned that understanding county boundaries is really important. Read on to learn why. Why are county boundaries important? First off, understanding county boundaries helps you know where to look. If you are traveling for original research you will need to know which courthouse has your records. The relevant records

Cluster Genealogy and Mapping Tools

“No man is an island” – John Donne Too often we get hyper-focused on one individual in our efforts to discover our genealogy. This happens especially when the primary goal is to extend the branches of your family tree back along direct line ancestors – “I just want to know who the parents of my

David Taylor

Getting to Know David Taylor

Introduction and Early Life I enjoy knowing a little about the various authors and bloggers I follow on the Internet, and I offer that opportunity now to you. That’s me up there in the Old West style photo. My name is David Taylor, and I grew up in Arizona surrounded by extended family on both