Finding Elusive Ancestors in FamilySearch Records

My Great-Grandmother is AWOL! Have you ever had a time when you couldn’t find a family in a particular record set, like a census? You are positive the family is in a certain place but you just can’t find them on That has happened to me before! It was so frustrating I felt like

Military Records – Find Your Veterans

Our Veterans – Never Forget In the United States we will celebrate Veterans Day (formerly known as Armistice Day) this week. It is only fitting, therefore, that we talk about military records. I love military records because they help paint a mental portrait of the person. For example, draft registration cards often list the build, Relationship

Two Sides of

Understanding In my experience, many beginners get confused about the nature of FamilySearch. When teaching people to search for records in FamilySearch, for example, they have asked, “Why do I have to search for them if they are already in FamilySearch?” Or, “If I find them in FamilySearch, why do I have to ADD