[nek-suh s]

noun, plural nexuses, nexus.
1. a means of connection; tie; link.
2. a connected series or group.
3. the central or most important place.

The Family Nexus helps families better understand their heritage through the power of place. "Nexus" means a bond or connection and is often used in reference to a place. We believe families are the center place for our lives. Connections with our family members - living and dead - makes our own lives richer and more fulfilling.

Connecting with ancestral places has become easier than ever using The Family Nexus mobile app. This free app uses existing family history data to automatically map your family tree. Learn more about this amazing mobile app here.

The Family Nexus Blog

I believe anyone can do family history! In The Family Nexus blog I cover a variety of topics related to family history. I try to make them interesting and educational. I have covered topics ranging from beginning to intermediate topics in genealogy research. Check out the blog and join the conversation by leaving comments of your own!

Online Resources

I am actively compiling a list of online resources that are useful in family history research. Each online resource has a link and a description.

Particular attention has been made to resources that relate to Places such as historical maps and land ownership records.

Mobile App

See your family history like never before! The Family Nexus mobile app brings family history to your fingertips to help you make surprising discoveries about your family. The mobile app automatically plots life events from your family tree on an interactive Google map. Visit our Mobile App page to learn more.