David Taylor, Founder

David Taylor

After more than 15 years in the tech industry I launched The Family Nexus. My latest adventure is to share my love of family history and the places that were important in their lives.

I grew up in the American Southwest surrounded by extended family on both sides. I was introduced to technology and genealogy at an early age and I have developed a love for both throughout my life. Professionally, I am an entrepreneur, business executive, and project manager in the IT industry. Most recently, I have been blessed to be a Product Manager working on the online catalog for the Church History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. More importantly, I am a family man with a deep faith in God, and I am wildly in love with the woman I married.

I enjoy good books including fantasy, westerns, historical fiction, and biographies. Other interests include family history and travel.

You can read more about me here.

The Family Nexus

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The Family Nexus is a concept and a dream as much as anything else.  It is the result of a host of ideas that have been developing for years.  These ideas all center on using technology to further advance genealogy and family history.  The Family Nexus emphasizes the power of place across generations and time, and we use a variety of technologies to accomplish this.

Try our iPhone app that automatically plots birth, marriage, death, and burial locations using your FamilySearch Family Tree data. Then it alerts you when you are close to those locations!

This site will be the center of the development of those ideas and the "Center Place" or "Nexus" for discussions. 

Surnames of my Great-Grandparents:

Taylor - Tiffany

Branham - Tweddell

Jarman - Taylor (Yes! My parents are second cousins!)

Crouse - Zufelt

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If you want to ask me a question, make a suggestion, or report a bug email me at feedback-at-thefamilynexus.com


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