Bite-size Genealogy: 7 Suggestions

Bite-size Genealogy

Many people I talk to are interested in their family history, but they feel like they don’t have the time to do it. This article is dedicated to all my readers that also fall in to this category. Actually, my readers should probably share this article with their friends and family that share this sentiment because my readers probably don’t fall in this category! Bite-size genealogy is what I call simple steps you can take to make genealogy a part of your life. Even now. Even while you are busy. I believe you will find it rewarding.

As I have said in another post, I believe everyone can do family history. And I mean, everyone! Not just those who are retired and have lots of time on their hands. (I hear that “extra time” thing is a myth, regardless of your age anyway!) Here is a list of family history activities that you can do in 30 minutes or less. In our fast-paced, hectic world think of these like grabbing a bagel on the run.

When you do things in little, bite-size pieces it won’t seem so overwhelming and you can enjoy it!

Short on time? No problem!

7 Things You Can Do in Less Than 30 Minutes

  1. Attach Sources in FamilySearch. You can choose a specific branch of your family tree or simply review the Research Suggestions in the top corner of the Home page.
  2. Review “shaky leaf” hints and attach in If you have a tree on they provide record hints in the form of a shaky leaf on your tree. Review
  3. Perform data cleanup on your FamilySearch tree. Look for “Data Problem” icons or use Find-A-Record and filter for records without standardized dates and places.
  4. Upload digital (or digitized) photos to your online family tree like FamilySearch or Preserve these precious memories and make them available for others!
  5. Scan old photos – don’t worry about tackling all of them at once! Just do a little at a time. Be sure to name the files something recognizable and organize them in folders on your computer.
  6. Ask an older relative to share a childhood memory. Record the memory – try video, audio, or text.
  7. Look through the Gallery on FamilySearch. Family History doesn’t always have to be about contributing something new! Take time to look though family photos or to read the stories that have been attached to your ancestors in FamilySearch. In other words, take time to smell the roses!

Take the challenge to try one or more of these bite-size genealogy suggestions today! Then, share with us your experience.

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  1. Tessa Keough


    great post – we have snow today so I am going to do a few of these! Thanks for the ideas

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