October News

The Family Nexus Product Updates October 26, 2018 In this issue: 1. Android V 1.0 is Here! 2. Tips & Tricks – Notifications Image Credit: Wikicommons 1. Android is Here! Fall foliage always reminds me that change is coming. One of the most exciting changes here at The Family Nexus is the release of the Android version! After

Android Development Update

Exciting Announcement It has been a busy summer! I hope you all had some opportunities to make some new family history discoveries this summer! I had a busy time with my family as well as overseeing our Android development. You probably are aware that we had a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform. The campaign

Introducing Accupin

Introducing Accupin (TM) from The Family Nexus

Location, Location, Location A common saying in real estate and business goes like this: “There are 3 things that matter in property: Location, Location, Location.” The same can be said of your family history. Location largely dictated the types of vocations your ancestors had available to them, their social circles, and many other aspects of

More Family History Fun

Additional Applications for Family History Fun The Family History Technology Lab (FHTL) at Brigham Young University (BYU) has added two new activities to their lineup of fun applications that leverage your FamilySearch data. “Wheel of Family Fortune” is based on the classic game complete with spinning wheel and word puzzles. “AncestorGames” provides five different games

Cartographic History of Utah

The History of Utah’s Geography Utah was admitted as the 45th state of the United States in 1896. Since that time its boundaries have not changed. However, in the 50 years prior to that there were several geographic boundary changes. Let’s explore the cartographic history of Utah. Jurisdictional boundary changes are common, and I have