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This week The Family Nexus, LLC launched a crowdfunding campaign on the popular Indiegogo site to bring its powerful family history app to Android devices. Since its launch on the iOS platform at the RootsTech 2017 Conference thousands of people have benefited from its powerful yet intuitive features.

Crowdfunding campaign for mobile genealogy

Explore. Discover. Connect.

Every human being yearns for a sense of belonging. We seek to understand who we are, and to have a sense of personal identity. You and I want to understand our past and to feel rooted to something bigger than ourselves. In a word, we want to feel CONNECTED.

The Family Nexus mobile app helps people do exactly that.

The Family Nexus combines the power of mobile technology with the world’s largest online family tree to automatically map the locations of events in your ancestor’s lives. The app does more than just plot birth locations. It also maps marriage, residence, death, burial, and other locations as well.

The app goes way beyond just displaying these locations on a map. The app sends notifications to your phone when you get close to the locations of events in your family history. Other types of alerts keep you informed and engaged in making discoveries about your family history.


“My goal is make it easy for the average person to connect with and learn about their family history,” said David Taylor, founder of The Family Nexus. “Although the genealogy industry is booming, many of us don’t have the time required to research our family history. The Family Nexus makes it possible to learn about your family in bite-size pieces while you are on the go. This app has the power to transform how we think about family history.”

One user of The Family Nexus for iPhone commented, “This app has ignited a renewed interest in family history. It has made it much easier to put it into context for both place and time. I love the event alerts. It’s really cool when I happen to be near a place and get an alert that one of my ancestors had been there too!” (@Steamloco3985)

The app is free to download, and users can unlock premium features by becoming a subscriber. Some premium features include:

  • Powerful filter controls to customize the map view
  • Additional generations of ancestors
  • Full-screen embedded Google Street View lets you explore ancestral locations virtually
  • Photos and Stories of your ancestors at your fingertips
  • Check-in and track the ancestral places you have visited

You can back The Family Nexus for Android on their campaign page, with an Early Bird Special of $20 for one-year access to all premium content. The campaign is scheduled to end on July 30, 2018.

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