FamilySearch Certified!

FamilySearch Certified!





We have great news! We have officially received our Certification for our integration with FamilySearch!

This certification now makes us an official partner of FamilySearch. The certification process ensures we are handling data correctly. For example, they make sure that we store and pass credentials securely between The Family Nexus iOS app and FamilySearch. It also certifies that we are properly reading user information, family tree data, and information about places. It is a big step in our development effort and we are so excited to tell everyone about it.

Once the app is available for the general public in the iTunes App Store, we will also have a link from the FamilySearch App Gallery.

RootsTech 2017

RootsTech 2017

We were sorely disappointed that The Family Nexus mobile app did not proceed to the semi-final round of the Innovator Showdown at RootsTech. However, we wish the 10 winners best of luck. There are some great ideas there, and we are excited to continue seeing so many talented people putting resources in to this great effort.

Although you won’t see us on the stage at the Showdown, you will still be able to see us at RootsTech! We will actually have 2 locations. We will have a booth in the exciting Innovation Alley and we will also have a larger space in booths 1737 and 1836, over by the demo theater.

Please stop by and visit us at RootsTech 2017 on February 9-11!

Other Development News

NOTE: Several of the items here refer to things that were discussed in detail in the blog “Call for Beta Testers.”

  1. The app is officially in beta testing mode using Apple’s TestFlight app. This extends the number of testers we can have from 25 to 2000! All I need is an email address if you would like to be a beta tester.
  2. We have temporarily reduced the number of generations of your family tree that we download from 8 to 6. We have done this in the interest of the time it takes to download. In the process we have also implemented several other changes that make it much faster to download. In fact, we have cut the download time in half!
  3. We have made HUGE improvements in the geocoding of locations. As a matter of fact, I don’t have any “strange” pins on my map anymore. We used to see the occasional stray pin in Africa or India due to challenges in locating the correct location. This is awesome! In addition, we have added “unicode” support which means we can handle not English characters in the place names.
  4. We are currently working on some other usability enhancements
  5. Major work this week is being done on the location-based notifications. This should allow you to get more notifications when you are near ancestral life events without having to “cross” the geofence. See my explanation in the Call for Beta Testers. As always, you can mute notifications within a certain distance of your home so you don’t get annoyed with the same alerts every day!

We would love to have you as a beta tester! I can have up to 2000 now, so please sign up and send us your feedback and your wish list!

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