Friday Fun: Soap for Men

Scots vs. Irish

Since it’s Friday I thought I would share something just for fun! Do you have Scottish or Irish ancestry? Then maybe you will enjoy this!

Irish Spring Soap for Men

Click to watch the 1980 Commercial

Caber Toss

Click to watch “Scottish Spring”

Do you remember those Irish Spring soap commercials? The ones with the whistling Irishmen and lasses? The soap claimed to leave you fresh and “clean as a whistle.” Click to watch an Irish Spring commercial.

A couple decades ago the a cappella singing group Vocal Point from Brigham Young University created a parody called “Scottish Spring: Soap for Men.” They performed this as an interlude between other numbers and was always good for a laugh. It was originally written by Todd Seymour in about 1991. I have a cassette tape (remember those?) with a recording of this. In the intervening years many others have taken this and made their own versions.

Here is another version performed by the Yale Spizzwinks.

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So after watching both you have to decide. Which is the better soap for men? Irish Spring or Scottish Spring? Vote below!


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