The Family Nexus Mobile App

The family history app for researchers and non-researchers alike.

The Family Nexus iOS app is available for free in the App store.

Imagine a mobile app for family history that:

  • Automatically plots your ancestors' life events on an interactive Google Map
  • Notifies you when you are close to the location where a historical life event took place
  • Helps you visualize family relationships and interactions
  • Makes learning about your ancestors fun and engaging
  • Allows you to share your discoveries on social media

The Family Nexus does all this and much more!

All you need is a FamilySearch account and an iPhone or iPad to get started for free!

For help getting started with FamilySearch check out this article: Missing Branches of Your Family Tree.

Feature Matrix

The Family Nexus offers amazing free features for everyone! Premium subscribers get even more awesomeness!

The chart below compares some of the features available in free or premium versions.

Feature Free


Map Ancestral Events
See Person Details
Date and Location Alerts
Download 6 Generations
Additional Generations
Advanced Filter Controls
Ancestor Photos & Stories

What's New

July 27, 2017

The Family Nexus now offers Premium Subscriptions

The Family Nexus published an update to its popular iPhone app today releasing premium features for subscribers. David R. Taylor, founder of The Family Nexus stated, “We believe family history can be mobile and social. The release of our Premium Features today moves us closer to our vision of making your family history an epic adventure of discovery.”

The free version lets users visualize life events of their ancestors in a map, which is a fun and engaging way to see family history. Premium Features allow subscribers to customize the map experience in new ways. Filter controls allow users to show or hide certain types of events, filter by date range, or isolate a family line by showing only ancestors of a particular person. What is more, subscribers can turn on locations of key places such as cemeteries, churches, and courthouses which can be very helpful when visiting an area.

“These new features are a significant step forward in our journey to make family history more mobile and more social. The positive response of our fans and users encourages us to continue developing innovative new features.”

David Taylor demonstrates how the new Family Nexus app works on an iPhone to Michelle Child in Springville.

March 1, 2017

Springville company offers free iPhone app for family history fans Connecting with ancestors has become a popular hobby for family history enthusiasts. However, many people don’t have the time to spend long hours researching their family tree and may even find it a bit boring. A Utah County company is on a mission to help people make exciting discoveries about their family history in an easy and fun way. Read More

Featuring The Family Nexus App

February 24, 2017

FamilySearch App Gallery The Family Nexus App for iPhone/iPad is featured in the "New and Noteworthy" section of the FamilySearch App Gallery.

February 8-11, 2017

Product Launch @ RootsTech 2017 The Family Nexus launched its innovative app for iPhone and iPad at this year's RootsTech Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. The app received praise and an enthusiastic response from attendees!

FamilySearch Certified

January 6, 2017

FamilySearch Certified The Family Nexus app has received "Read" Certification for its mobile app. After a thorough and rigorous review, staff at FamilySearch have awarded The Family Nexus app "FamilySearch Certification" with permission to use the logo and be listed in the App Gallery with other Certified partner apps.

What customers are saying

Best app ever

"I think this is the best app ever. I just took a 9 day road trip using The Family Nexus as my guide."

More connected

"Seeing people pegged to a map makes it more personal, makes me feel more connected to them."

Morning updates!

"Love the morning updates! Recently went on a short vacation to Pismo Beach, going through Santa Barbara the APP went off to alert me that I was less than 50 miles away from where my Great grandfather got married 105 years ago! Was a real thrill to know it, I hadn't seen any info about it until then! Thanks, keep up the good work!

Genealogy geocache

"Birthday events notifications--and the genealogy geocache (effectually). We have used this app as we travel--it alerts us to places we might not know have family connections. So far, we have tracked places in Portland, Oregon to Hartford, Connecticut! We were so sad to have missed using it on our trip to England."

Expanded my awareness

"I like the visual representation of where family events happened throughout the world. It has expanded my awareness of connections and even helped introduce me to relatives."

Find gravesites of loved ones

"I love that when you are traveling you can find gravesites of loved ones nearby."

Connecting events with places

"I like the visual of seeing where people are from--locating them in countries around the world. I like connecting events with places. It helps me get to know them."

Excited about family history

"I love how easy the map is to read and pinpoint locations. I appreciate the way this app makes me more interested and excited about family history and family work. I enjoy the overall idea and how the customer's views are valued. Thank you for making this awesome app!"

I like filtering events on the map

"I like being able to see and filter events on the map. The notifications are great when traveling."