November 2017 Product Updates

Over the River and Through the Woods

It has been a beautiful Fall here in Utah! We hope you enjoy this edition of Product Updates. We are working on a small update to The Family Nexus, and gearing up for some even more exciting changes we hope to announce at RootsTech 2018!

The minor update should come out within the next month, and will include a few stability fixes and some backend changes with how we interact with the FamilySearch data, We will also be linking to the FamilySearch Lite. Designed for areas with low bandwidth, this site is much more mobile friendly than the full-featured website. From within The Family Nexus app you can click on the FamilySearch Person ID located on the Person Detail View to view/edit information in FamilySearch. These small changes will improve our users experience as they use The Family Nexus app at home or as they travel!

Will you be traveling this year during the Holidays? Use The Family Nexus app to plan a visit to some locations with significance in your family history. As you go “Over the river and through the woods” on your way to Grandmother’s house, a stop at a cemetery, church, or old residence can spark stories and conversations to make your Holidays even more memorable!

Tips & Tricks – Upload Photos and Set the Preferred Portrait

Have you noticed those photos of your ancestors that come up as you use The Family Nexus app? You know – the ones that show up next to the ancestor’s name in an Event Card or Person Details View.

I love how the pictures help bring these dear ancestors to life. I am reminded that they were real people with trials and triumphs just like me. Sometimes I can see strong family resemblances, which serves as a strong reminder that these are my relatives!

But where do these photos come from, and how can you change them? The Family Nexus app uses the “Preferred Portrait” as stored in FamilySearch. You can upload new photos and attach them to your ancestors on or using one of the mobile apps from FamilySearch. What’s more, you can edit the image and determine which one will be the “preferred portrait” for each family member in your tree.

Read step-by-step instructions on how to do this in this article from The Family Nexus Blog. The post includes a link to a 7-minute instructional video on our YouTube channel as well.
Setting the Preferred Portrait in FamilySearch
Have fun adding photos and portraits!

Extra! Free Subscription Friday 

I am very excited to announce a new promotion exclusively for followers of our Facebook page! Starting Friday, November 10th, we will be giving away FIVE 3-month subscriptions to the premium content on The Family Nexus app. Each Friday we will post 5 new codes.

The codes can only be used once so it will be first-come-first-serve! Be sure to Like our Facebook page to see the post each week in your feed. Promo codes can be added to your iTunes profile, and full instructions will be posted on the Blog and the Facebook page before Friday!

Until Next Time

The Family Nexus is on a mission to make family history more social and mobile. In the process we aim to facilitate Discovery in new and exciting ways. We hope you find these product updates useful.

We can’t do this without you. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. The Family Nexus app is like none other in the industry. We ask for your continued support by becoming a Premium Subscriber. We have a long list of new features we want to add, and we can’t wait to bring those to you! Spread the word with family and friends! Also, tell us what kinds of features you would like to see. You can send an email to

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