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The Family Nexus Product Updates

October 26, 2018

In this issue:

1. Android V 1.0 is Here!
2. Tips & Tricks – Notifications

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1. Android is Here!

Fall foliage always reminds me that change is coming. One of the most exciting changes here at The Family Nexus is the release of the Android version! After a very long wait we have released version 1.0 to the Google Play store. The app is available for download now for free!

You are probably aware that we had a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform last summer. We are grateful to the many people that supported the campaign. Unfortunately, we fell short of our ultimate goal. This means we weren’t able to develop all the features for Android that we currently have for iOS.

The good news is that version 1.0 for Android does contain all the free features that our iOS version has. Here are just some of the features that Android users will be able to leverage as they make new family history discoveries:

  • Automatically map birth, marriage, death, and burial locations for 6 generations of family members
  • Explore the map or search for a person or place
  • Share your discoveries by sharing on Facebook or Twitter
  • Accupin (TM) – Edit Location of ancestral events using precise GPS coordinates
  • Show relationship of direct-line ancestors
  • Stay engaged with alerts and notifications

Please share with all your friends and family that have Android devices so they can download the app today!

2. Tips & Tricks – Your Ancestors Are Calling!

We love learning about our ancestors. But that doesn’t mean we always make time to learn about the people and places from our family history. The Family Nexus app can help! The app keeps you engaged with your family history with alerts and notifications to your mobile devices.

Read about the 4 types of notifications you can get through the app in our blog article, Your Ancestors Are Calling!, These alerts can be just the nudge you need to answer your ancestor’s call and take a few minutes to learn more about your ancestor today.

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  1. Elaine Rice


    We are on a mission far from home. We don’t want our current location to be set as “home.” What do we do?

    • user


      The “Home” location creates a center place from which a “mute radius” can be generated. If you are in the same place for a period of time and don’t want to receive the same alerts you can set your “Home” location and then define the distance from there that you want location alerts to be muted. You can reset your Home location at any time, so you could change it again when you get off your mission. Only your local device stores the home location – we don’t have access to it anywhere else.

      Thanks for using The Family Nexus!

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