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June 1, 2017

The Family Nexus, LLC Announces Availability of Premium Features

Making family history an epic adventure of discovery

Salt Lake City, Utah— June 1, 2017

Event Card shows location and date of events in your ancestors’ lives.

The Family Nexus, LLC has announced the release of Premium Features in The Family Nexus app for iPhone, a unique mobile app for family history. These features are available immediately in version 1.1 in the App Store.

In the announcement, David R. Taylor, founder of The Family Nexus stated, “We believe family history can be mobile and social. The release of our Premium Features today moves us closer to our vision of making your family history an epic adventure of discovery.”

Since its launch at the RootsTech genealogy conference in February 2017, The Family Nexus app for iPhone has been downloaded nearly 2,000 times. The app is FamilySearch Certified* and automatically plots birth, marriage, death, and burial locations of relatives in your family tree in an interactive map. It also alerts users when they are near an ancestral location and on the anniversary of an event in their family history.

“The Family Nexus will always offer its core functionality for free. Specifically, the ability to automatically map your FamilySearch Family Tree data and get alerts,” Taylor said. “We now are pleased to offer additional features exclusively to users who pay for a Premium Subscription.”

Users who choose to unlock the Premium Features by becoming a subscriber will have the option of purchasing a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription. The Company is offering an introductory offer of $20.99 per year for a limited time. Subscribers will also have access to new Premium Features introduced in the future.

Premium Features

Premium Features provide powerful tools to access even mor

Photos from FamilySearch Memories

e data, customize the map experience, and connect with ancestors in new ways. Subscribers can download an additional 4 generations of ancestors beyond the 6 generations in the free version. They also can see more context around those individuals. For example, in addition to basic birth, marriage, and death information for an individual, users can also see immediate family members of an ancestor. Furthermore, subscribers see a beautiful gallery view of photos and stories directly from FamilySearch Memories.

The free version lets users visualize life events of their ancestors in a map, which is a fun and engaging way to see family history. Premium Features allow subscribers to customize the map experience in new ways. Filter controls allow users to show or hide certain types of events, filter by date range, or isolate a family line by showing only ancestors of a particular person. What is more, subscribers can turn on locations of key places such as cemeteries, churches, and courthouses which can be very helpful when visiting an area.

“These new features are a significant step forward in our journey to make family history more mobile and more social. The positive response of our fans and users encourages us to continue developing innovative new features.”

About The Family Nexus, LLC

Founded in 2016, The Family Nexus, LLC is on a mission to attract a new generation of enthusiasts to the joys of family history. The Family Nexus, LLC develops exciting and engaging technology to facilitate discoveries and help people feel more connected to their family, living and dead.


* The “FamilySearch Certified” designation is used to identify software applications that FamilySearch International (“FamilySearch”) believes to be generally compatible with or one or more of FamilySearch’s application programming interfaces. FamilySearch, however, takes no responsibility and is in no way liable for any such application. Accordingly, FamilySearch in no way warrants that any application associated with the “FamilySearch Certified” designation will function as intended, is free from harmful or undesirable aspects, or is free from errors.

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  1. Todd andre


    I really got to use your app this last weekend. It was great to see who and what happened in each small town in the Bear Lake area. There was only one thing , the dots were right on the town and I think wasn’t hard to read the name of the town. Don’t know if there could be a line or arrow pointing to the town.

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