Promote The Family Nexus App in 3 Easy Steps

The Family Nexus App

You may have heard that we are developing a mobile app to bring family history to your fingertips and help you make amazing new discoveries about your family! You can support the effort to develop The Family Nexus app, and it won’t cost a dime! We have started with a native mobile app for iPhone. The app will be ready for our beta testers very soon!

Beta test

In software development, as features are developed it goes through a rigorous internal testing process. We do this to ensure it works as expected, and (hopefully) to catch any defects or bugs. We call the internal testing an “alpha test.” Once this step is complete, the software or app is released to a larger group of users to test in “real world” conditions. By the beta test phase, the app will be pretty close to the official “release version.” The beta test step is crucial, however, for getting additional feedback and making sure the app functions correctly in a wider array of situations.

If you are interested in being a beta tester for The Family Nexus Mobile App you can fill out the form on this page.

Help Get The Word Out!

Whether or not you are interested in being a beta tester you can help us by spreading the word! You can help by doing 3 simple things.

1. Watch our video

We have a wonderful video on our YouTube channel that introduces the app and demonstrates some of the great features you can expect. The video was part of our submission to be part of the 2017 RootsTech Innovators Showdown. Please take 90 seconds to watch the video on YouTube! If you like it, give it a thumbs up! Even better, SHARE IT on your favorite social media platform!

2. Follow us on social media

By connecting with us on social media you can stay informed about new posts. You can also join the conversation about the app and other interesting news from the world of family history. So go ahead, take 30 seconds and connect with us Facebook or Twitter.  Once you have done that go ahead and brag about it! Tell your network about us and invite them to check us out too!

3. Subscribe

Almost done! Now just head over to The Family Nexus blog page and subscribe! From the blog page you will notice the Subscribe button in the panel to the right. Subscribers receive a weekly email each Friday summarizing the new posts since last week. This only takes a minute! If you don’t like reading blogs, consider subscribing to the “Product Updates” email list. This receives only important news updates about our app and other products.

What Are You Waiting For?

You have already spent more time reading this than it will take to do all 3 things! So go ahead and help support The Family Nexus app by following the 3 easy steps outline above!

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