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Expanding My DNA Reach

So, I finally had just a few minutes to continue my DNA adventure. I decided to expand my reach by uploading my raw DNA results from the AncestryDNA test to MyHeritage. My rationale for doing so is that the analysis they run is slightly different and the DNA database they use to compare against is different. Furthermore, although MyHeritage DNA is fairly new to the DNA testing arena, they have the largest user base of all the big genealogy service providers. Lastly, I decided it could only help to have another fishing pole in a separate pond!

Because I understand the value of linking DNA results to a family tree, I knew I wanted to add a tree to my MyHeritage account. Although I had used MyHeritage to search their collections, I had not yet uploaded or created a tree on their site.

Creating a Tree

I thought I would upload GEDCOM, but instead I chose to follow the manual process. They make it very easy to add people to your tree. Then their Smart Match technology will find matches for you and fill in some of the rest! For example, after adding my Grandma, Ruby Ruth Crouse, it automatically added 50 more people to my tree!

After only a week or so they processed my raw DNA results and started sending me DNA matches. So far it has only matched me to 14 people – 12 of which are considered “lower quality” matches. That is a far cry from the 1,500 or so I have on Ancestry! MyHeritage as certainly made it easy to upload DNA data as well as linking it to a tree. They are making an aggressive marketing push on their own MyHeritageDNA product which can only help increase the size of their database.

For the time being, however, I have not gotten any immediate benefit from uploading to MyHeritage, I will keep monitoring it and see if anything new comes from having my DNA in another pond. For the same reasons I will probably upload my data to GEDmatch as well.

What experiences have you had uploading your DNA results to multiple sites?


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  1. Cat


    Gedmatch was the most useful tool I found. I immediately located aunts,uncle and cousins. Good luck in building your tree!

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